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A QoS-based resource management system for workload colocation on kubernetes

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why Katalyst?

Katalyst defines and implements QoS classes that reflect QoS requirements of various types of workloads including microservice, online inference tasks, offline training jobs, batch jobs and so forth. By assigning proper QoS classes, user can safely colocate online and offline workloads to reclaim unused resource and improve overall resource efficiency.

Differentiated QoS Classes

Katalyst defines and implements four QoS classes of its own, covering QoS requirements of various workloads including offline training jobs, microservices, online inference tasks and so on.

Intelligent Resource Reclaim Strategy

Katalyst has built-in PID algorithm that finds the sweet spot between node resource utilization and service stability. It also provides a plugable policy framework with which you can bake your own ML-based prediction algorithms.

Automated Configuration Management

Katalyst provides flexible configuration management capabilities for clusters, workloads and nodes. You can easily make configuration changes to adapt to various colocation scenarios.

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